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Panintelligence is a UK based Business Intelligence software business we go to market soley through channel partners. At Panintelligence we are passionate about helping our and Customers run their businesses more effectively using our self-service business intelligence (BI) dashboard software.

Our vision is very simple& “Enabling better decisions”.Everything we do supports our vision, but why Enabling and not Empowering? Put simply. Empowering people can help build trust and pride and motivate them to try their best but it can quickly lead to frustration if the information they need to make a difference is not at hand. Empowering without enabling will not produce the hoped for results and this is where our easy-to-use BI dashboard can be transformational.

Our ( business intelligence software displays actionable information in real time with easily digestible visuals and the ability to drill down to the underlying data. This allows people to make timely interventions and to show the value they can add.

Our Solution Differentiators Ease of Implementation

We have focussed on making sure the Panintelligence BI dashboard software can be installed with minimal training and it is so intuitive to use there is no need for formal training. Nor is there a requirement to embark on long drawn out and expensive implementation projects. We encourage our partners and customers to start small at minimal cost to see how quickly benefits can be realised before confidently deploying it more widely

Ease of Use

It is very easy to amend or add new charts as reporting requirements change, so easy in fact that people can do it for themselves and in this respect it is true self-service BI.

Ease of Engagement

We offer( free training and free evaluation as well as supporting small pilots and with a flexible approach to contract and commercials and an attitude of helping whenever and wherever we can our aim is to build long lasting mutually beneficial and supportive relationships.


Our vision is to be the BI Partner of choice for technology providers. We take great pride in our partnership model, investing in technical and sales training, collaborative marketing initiatives and inviting input to our product roadmap.

Our data visualisation Business Intelligence reporting tool enables people to make better and faster decisions, as they can see their actionable information in real time. Our partners can brand it as their own product to gain competitive advantage and to generate additional revenues.

In support of our vision, we want to build remarkable partnerships. Why remarkable? Because we want our partners to remark on how good the relationship is, to see us as an extension of their own business and to recognise that together we thrive. In Panintelligence we have three guiding principles, one of which is ‘Relationships Come First’. This ensures people are front and centre of our business and our three core values; Supportive, Open and Innovative drive all of our internal and external interactions. Being a small, privately owned company we are able to tailor our approach to fit our partners’ requirements and this extends to a very flexible commercial engagement model.

Above all else we ensure we are accessible at all times to our partners and in the highly competitive world of BI, it is this ease of engagement that is our key differentiator. We recently won the Software Vendor of the Year at the IT Europa Awards which was based on nominations by our partners backed up by some great testimonials. Below is a selection of quotes that supported our approach to partnering.

Nigel James, Sales Manager for FE at the ( Tribal Group “At the heart of our partnership is a clear understanding of the value that the relationship brings to each party and perhaps most importantly that the main players on both sides are like minded business professionals with shared values, beliefs and a desire to succeed in a competitive business market space.”

Matt Atkinson, Commercial Director at Nineworks; “The Panintelligence team have supported us through each sales engagement by managing customer demonstrations and helping to overcome technical challenges that otherwise may have prevented us from going any further. Knowledge share between our two companies has also helped us implement new and better ways of working.”

Simon Nicholls, Sales Director for Datel; “Panintelligence have been extremely helpful and co-operative through various presales activities ranging from customer days to onsite tailored customer demonstrations.

Our account manager Jade Turley is extremely quick to respond to queries, she demonstrates enthusiasm and a flexible approach which has made Panintelligence an easy company to engage with.”

Paul Grubb, Head of Bids, Implementation and Contracts for RM Education; “One of the important points for us to highlight is that the relationship with Panintelligence was great from the offset. There was a lot of empathy on what we wanted to achieve. When we have talked to other companies in the past there always seems to be an element of a ‘hard’ sell, they’re almost trying to tell us what to do. That was never the case with Panintelligence. If we presented a problem the Panintelligence team would write it down and quickly come back with three options as to how we could address that particular requirement. Any problem we threw at them, they came back with multiple possible solutions, and they are really fast too - 2 to 3 days later, tops a couple of weeks, and we’d have something we could review.”

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