Through Elioplus you can communicate real time with your partners, provide them sales and marketing material, product updates and more. Track who has seen your messages and who has downloaded your material.

You can create groups and send different material to channel partners that meet the criteria of your choice. For example, provide different material to European channel partners from those in North America. You can create unlimited groups.

Make your resellers more active and more productive through collaboration in order to achieve some certain goals.

collaboration dashboard
create groups

Library Storage

Through collaboration you can attach files and send material individually to channel partners or groups. Through the path Library / My Files, you can store all your files in a secured environment inside Elioplus for easy access. Upload your files and categorize them as product updates, marketing material, banners, documentations etc.

You can easily find out what content you have exchanged with each one. Through the path Library / Choose Partner you can select the channel partner that you want in order to check all the files that you have sent and received as well.

On the free plan we provide 2GB Library Storage and on the paid plans we provide much more secured storage for your files.

Library dashboard
Library dashboard