Team Roles and Permissions

Every Elioplus PRM plan comes with unlimited team members which means that you can invite as many team members as necessary on your team in order to better manage your partner network. To invite your team members simply go to your Team Members page and use the Invite button. Add the email and role and your invitation is under way. Once your colleague sign ups via the invitation email using their own password they will be added automatically to your team.

If you want to give different permissions to each team member then you can set up the roles and each time you invite someone with a specific role they have the respective permissions. The permissions are easily configurable for each role. There are some roles already created by default to make your job easier but you can add as many different roles as you wish like Channel Account Manager, Channel Development Manager, Sales Director etc.

For each role you can select the permissions that role will have on the partner portal. For example you can set a specific role to only be able to view the Deal Registration tab and not edit or delete the deals. Accordingly you can give permissions to view, edit or delete content from the Lead Distribution and Onboarding tab.

Finally, you can allow some team members to invite other users or be able to assign someone from the team to a specific channel partner. If you have a broad team and channel managers responsible for a given region or country you can assign all those partners to that channel manager to manage all the relevant information and enable collaboration between the two parties.

The team roles and permissions option gives you an easily configurable functionality not only to invite your team members but also to give the exact permissions that you want for each role.