Partner Portal

Your Own-Brand Partner Portal

By creating a profile of your company on Elioplus we automatically generate a full branded partner portal with your own logo and unique link to add into your corporate’s website. This is the place where all your channel partners will be able to sign up to your PRM portal or sign in to use all the features of your PRM account on Elioplus and collaborate with you.

Every channel partner that is signing up from your partner portal is located into your dashboard and you can accept or reject this request. By default these requests are on the Pending status.

The majority of channel partners are asking from their vendors to offer a partner portal because they would like to receive material like marketing material, product updates, documentation, having access to features like lead distribution, deal registration, partner collaboration etc. When you own a partner portal then you make your partner program much more attractive to channel partners. Create for free a profile of your company on Elioplus and have access to your own PRM software and your own-brand partner portal by default here.

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What is a partner portal?

Partner portal is an application where all your channel partners will be able to interact with you. It requires the use of sign up - login credentials assigned to each partner. Partner portals can be mobile optimized too. Through a partner portal you can provide to your channel partners marketing materials, new leads, collaborate with each other to win deals, check tjeir performance analytics, train them in order to sell more, manage tiers, manage commissions and more.