Lead Distribution

Lead distribution is the feature that allows you to distribute leads to your channel partners.

Why should you distribute leads to your channel partners? For two main reasons. Imagine that you are a US based software company and you have a potential client from Brazil. The best option for you in order to win this sale is to send this lead to a Brazilian reseller of yours. The potential client will feel more secure if he can work with a local reseller and by distributing this lead you will have more possibilities to win this sale. Also, you are going to have satisfied resellers because you help them increase their sales by providing them leads.

Through our lead distribution feature every Vendor is able to send leads to their channel partners by submitting a form. First step is to select the reseller that you want to distribute the lead. Second step is to fill the information of the potential client and then you click save to send the lead to the selected channel partner. You can fill the information of the client manually or you can pull the data from your CRM.

When you send the lead the reseller receives a notification email from Elioplus in order to login inside their dashboard and start working with the potential client. At the end the reseller will update the status of the closed lead as won or lost and you will get notified through email about that.

You can see the tables of the new leads and the closed leads and check who is the channel partner that sells more and is more efficient in terms of closing deals.

Vendor submits Lead distribution
Vendor see new leads
partners see new leads
Partners check details
Vendor see result