Partner Onboarding

Onboarding channel partners is the mechanism that allows your channel partners to have access to the necessary knowledge and material that will help them understand your product quickly and become familiar with the sales and marketing process that must be followed. An onboarding process that will lead to sales success will help your channel partners to have the answers to all those questions before they start selling your products. It’s very important, for your partners’ sales, that you provide all the necessary material at the beginning of your collaboration. At Elioplus we understand this value and according to your feedback we created the Onboarding feature.

Enter the “Partner Onboarding tab” on your dashboard and upload your files and videos that are needed in order to help your channel partners become effective in terms of sales by having the right knowledge and skills from the beginning of your partnership.

You can categorize these files and add them on the column that are referred: Product Updates, Marketing Material, New campaign, Newsletter Issue, Banners, Documentation (PDF), Email Template, Sales Material are some categories that we have added by default.

Onboarding categories

You can add your own categories – unlimited categories too by selecting the option “Add new category”

Uploading material on Elioplus in a very simple process. Just press the button “Upload New Files” on the left, select the category and the file that you want to upload. You can upload multiple files in different or in the same category too. The resellers will be able to view all these materials on their “Vendor Resources” tab of their dashboard that is connected with the “Partner Onboarding” tab of your dashboard.

Onboarding upload files

Every time that you upload a new material on the Onboarding tab, then all your channel partners are receiving a notification email in order to be 100% sure that they are aware of these new files to view and download them.