Meet Elioplus

We are a leading provider of partner recruitment and management solutions that assist IT companies to expand their partner network and offer a better experience to their partners. Since our beginning with have worked with both startup companies to help them kick off their partner program and attract their first partners up to enterprise level organizations that rely on our platform to further increase their network around the world. We provide channel managers with tools to identify and partner with the best candidate companies and seamlessly optimize their network under the same roof.

Partner management as it should be: effortless and affordable

We envisioned a simple yet effective partner management tool accessible to small and medium businesses ready to be used without complex processes nor breaking the bank. Channel managers can save time by connecting their favorite applications and move data around seamlessly while having insights about the performance and activity of their partners. Now you can recruit, onboard, manage and train your channel partners from a single solution.

We wanted to provide channel partners with the same tools to manage all the tech partnerships from a single dashboard without signing up or logging in to multiple partner portals and wasting valuable time and resources in the process. As a channel company you can manage all your sales data, reporting, commissions, training and communications from a single point and connect all your team members in the same account for better visibility and performance.


Products & Services

A branded partner portal to provide critical resources and enable your partners with deal registration capabilities and training courses. Some of the features included:

  • Partner directory and onboarding
  • Deal registration and lead distribution options, integrations with CRMs are available
  • Role based permissions for team members and tier management for partners
  • Build training courses for your network or for specific partners

Get matched with the ideal partner candidates and gain access to a trove of data to help you assess and qualify each opportunity. Our partner recruitment solution includes

  • Get matched with the best partners from around the world automatically
  • Attract new partners via your public profile
  • Manage all new opportunities with tasks and notes
  • Send partnership requests to companies on our platform via messaging

The account manager option is ideal for companies that want to outsource the partner outreach process and receive in their inbox intros from interested partners. What’s included:

  • A personal account manager that will handle the process
  • We analyze all the data based on your criteria and get in touch with ideal companies
  • We create outreach templates based on your marketing material
  • Get intros and demo requests from potential partners directly in your inbox


Our journey began in 2015 and since then we have worked with hundreds of companies, small and large, to help them on their indirect sales channel.

  • Elioplus

    Aug 2015

  • Launched Partner

    Mar 2016

  • Onboard First

    Apr 2016

  • Reached 100+

    Aug 2018

  • Launched Partner

    May 2019

  • 1.000+ Partner
    Portals Built

    Jun 2020

Connecting IT vendors and channel partners around the world

We host companies from 156 different countries worldwide and this makes us the ideal platform for you to introduce your company and expertize.