Channel Analytics

Channel analytics are the analytics that every Partner Relationship Management software must contain in order to help vendors track the performance of their channel partners.

Elioplus provides a lot of information about your channel partners through charts and tables and helps you have a full understanding about how effective your channel partners are in terms of sales, how active they are, what revenue to expect etc.

The feature is consisted of three different tabs:

General Analytics: Here you can see information about the revenue that you gain from your channel partners for the last 12 months or you can search for a specific period of your choice, average deal size, average sales cycle, partner win rate, total number of partners, total deals size, total deals registered, leads closed.

Sales Leaderboard: Here you can check the performance for each partner. We provide information about deals amounts, leads amounts, deals won/lost, deals won percent, leads won/lost, leads won percent, open opportunities, deals average size, deals average sales cycle.

Active Partners: here you can see information about how active your channel partners are. How many times they logged into your PRM account, how many deals they upload etc.