Deal Registration

Deal registration is a feature that must be included in a Partner Relationship Management software. Is the feature that a channel partner is using in order to avoid any conflict with you or your channel partners when they are trying to close a deal.

Now your channel partners can secure a deal for a certain period of your choice in order to ensure that no one else is going to approach the same client. Take a look at the deals of your partners. Approve or reject them. Track who is the partner that wins more deals and have a clear view of their potential clients’ profile.

The majority of channel partners are asking from their vendors to offer a partner portal because they would like to receive material like marketing material, product updates, documentation, having access to features like lead distribution, deal registration, partner collaboration etc. When you own a partner portal then you make your partner program much more attractive to channel partners. Create for free a profile of your company on Elioplus and have access to your own PRM software and your own-brand partner portal by default here.

For Vendors

  • Vendors are the ones that determine the month duration that every deal registration request will be active
  • Vendors receive the deal registration requests through notification email and they can see them inside their dashboard. They can approve or reject them
  • Vendors can now see the status of approved deals if they are won or lost and at the same time they get notified through email in order to login and check them
  • Vendors can see who is the reseller that sells more and is more efficient in terms of closing deals

For Channel Partners

  • Channel partners are submitting the deal registration form by selecting the vendor that they would like to send the deal
  • Channel partners are filling the information of the deal manually or by pulling data from their CRM system
  • Channel partners receive a notification email if the deal is approved from the vendor or rejected
  • Channel partners are defying if the deal is lost or won
Vendor defines month
Channel partners submit
Vendor receives deal
Vendors see new deal
Vendor see open deals
Vendor see deals won