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TotalControlPro™ is committed to transform an industry - as a leading provider of cloud technology to manufacturing industries worldwide, putting manufacturing teams in control of their manufacturing process, maximising productivity and profitability of their organisation.

With TotalControlPro™, organisations identify areas where a factory is leaking profits that most ERP systems can't see and can't track. TotalControlPro™ plugs the leaks with an inexpensive, rapidly installed cloud-based solution. Through the Manufacturing Intelligence Module, insights in to what’s really going on at all levels of the manufacturing process provide management teams with the key performance indicators for their business, to turn increased productivity into profitability, all driven by real-time work flow from their own shop floor.

TotalControlPro™ is delivered both directly and via a network of our performance partners, to ensure smooth efficient integration with the current process and the opportunity to adjust and adapt to maximise the organisation’s benefits.

Total Control Pro Limited has a wide experience of vertical manufacturing markets from automotive, construction, electronics, clothing, printing, engineering to remanufacturing, ensuring the systems can be configured to suit almost any production flow for any product being made right now or yet to be made.


Partner Rewards:

There are 2 Reward Tiers for earning recurring revenue via Commission on Software as a Service licence fee

Debut Performance Partner = 15% of licence fee for first 5 clients

Peak Performance Partner = 25% of licence fee for 6th client onwards

Combine your expertise with TotalControlProTM industry-leading software to help transform manufacturing. Created by manufacturers for manufacturers, TotalControlProTM will give you the confidence, resources and benefits to enable you to build a business that is:

- Ready to go: Grow your business with access to more client opportunities with a product that is a proven ‘door opener’. Have your

clients up and running in no time with our cloud-based system that is easy to implement and provides significant return on investment within weeks.

- Flexible: Develop your business portfolio independently to suit your needs, with confidence that you’re delivering an innovative, affordable and transformational solution for your clients.

- Rewarding: Maximise your potential by opening doors to new opportunities, clients and projects.

Partner Support:

Access to accredited training programme:

- Training will enable you to become a Debut Performance Partner.

- Once you have supported 5 clients, you become a Peak Performance Partner.

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