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ChristianSteven Software delivers advanced Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that solve mission-critical large enterprise needs and includes reporting, distribution, scheduling, dashboards and automating business processes.

Information and insight are delivered intelligently to all stakeholders including management, employees, partners and customers. Our solutions aim to unleash the power of your data and transform the way you do business.


Since 2002, ChristianSteven Software has delivered a powerful product suite that brings Business Intelligence cost savings to a wide range of enterprises, including IBM, FedEx, Blue Cross, and Kodak. Become a member in ChristianSteven’s exclusive partner network to:

- Strengthen your role as your customers’ Business Intelligence specialist of choice.

- Reap the benefits from our accelerated on-boarding process that will quickly transition you to a sales-ready state.

- Leverage our senior sales talent and technical support resources to grow business within your current customer base and expand outward to capture new business in any economic climate.

Your ChristianSteven Partner Portal gives you instant access to competitive data and matrices, marketing and technical support teams, marketing and product collateral, case studies, opportunity registration and lead distribution, PowerPoint presentations, and many other valuable tools to help you get the job done.

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