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Loqate, GBG's location intelligence business unit, is a leading developer of Global Location Data Solutions, including Address Verification and Geocode.


Loqate partners deliver a richer global data product and increase their revenues.

• Loqate enables its partners to deliver an optimized customer experience by fully utilizing market leading location data solutions

• Location intelligence is essential for any customer-centric business. Our comprehensive global address data and verification capability allows partners to deliver on their promise to create a truly exceptional product

Loqate’s Global Partner Program:

• Loqate provides the technology powered by the best data in the world; integral to any robust location strategy

• Robust technical, sales and marketing support

• Comprehensive training programs and marketing tools to ensure partners' success

• Our onboarding program makes it easy for sales and technical teams to quickly become product experts

• Together we create selling opportunities and generate revenue.

Program benefits

Our program is designed around helping our partners get the best product to market; increasing customer satisfaction and growing revenue.

We achieve this through excellent training and support from our sales, marketing and solution engineering teams.

• Dedicated account manager

• Joint PT initiatives

• Access to partner portal

• Access to enhanced product support

• Dedicated demo site

• Marketing and sales collaborations

• Access to free development licenses

Loqate’s global API integrates seamlessly into any system and will ensure you maintain verified customer data, increasing online conversion rates, driving business efficiency and improving user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

Trusted by 13,000 customers worldwide including ASOS, Bank of America, Kohl's, HSBC, IBM, Oracle, Reltio, and more.

With our partners, we help every business in the world reach every customer in the world.


Front End Applications: Real-time address capture and verification

The type-ahead predictive functions allow for interactive address capture and verification in real-time as customers enter their addresses in online checkouts and forms. Erroneous address data is corrected before it enters a business data center and customer experience is greatly improved through the type-ahead predictive technology during the critical online checkout process.

Back End Process: Batch address verification and enhancement

Once address data has entered a business, as part of the data quality process, it can be submitted in batch and returned to the organization’s database verified, standardized and enhanced. Thereby, creating and maintaining the most accurate and complete customer address data.

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