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ConnectNOW – A Chat Based Skills Routing and Digital Integration System


What is ConnectNow©?

ConnectNow© is a Digital Integration & Chat Based Routing System enabling chats to be assigned to the right agent at the right time & integrated to the existing ITSM/CRM Systems.

Unlike conventional phone-based service desks agents, ConnectNow© can communicate with multiple users at a time, hence significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, web-based chat is often a preferred channel of communication for users who also wish to multi-task or do not wish to talk with an agent.

Utilising the latest technology, ConnectNow© extends the concept of on-line chatting into an indispensable tool for organisations wishing to improve quality, effectiveness and productivity.

Installed with the minimum of fuss and training, ConnectNow© is a flexible and adaptable product and is particularly useful in an environment such as a support desk or help desk, indeed any situation where calls are placed to a group of staff in order to obtain support.

Offering the routing capabilities from a telephony IVR system combined with the flexibility and tooling available from the world of web-based communication, ConnectNow© excels in both large and small-scale operations due to its wide range of settings and features.

ConnectNow© enables expert advisors to instantly respond to multiple chats, whether they are IT users having problems with their equipment, GPs asking about a specific clinical situation, job applicants not sure about the information they have been asked to supply, or facilities staff in need of a new key or reporting a maintenance issue.

ConnectNow© can easily integrates with existing systems including Intranets, Knowledge Bases, and Ticket Logging Systems (ITSMs) – enhancing and complimenting your current support solution.

Following are just few of the major ITSMs that we can integrate with:

Cherwell Software

Jira Service Desk



Remedy IT Service Management

Any many more.

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