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As Desktopgate we develop DeskGate Software and we distrubute it worldwide since 2005.

DeskGate is an employee monitoring software. It contains 4 main modules in it.


*Staff Follow Up

*Technical Solutions For IT Staff


Property Summary Of DeskGate

-It enables to monitor employee's computers lively and can record it.

-Staff follow up

-Historical Staff Activitiy

-Reports how much time employee spends by using which websites and prorammes. And makes this both grapphicaly with percentiles and lists.

-Records everything even has no internet connection.

-All transactions that is done with the help of portable media is kept a record.

-Incase of information leak, infringement of information security, DeskGate can determine from which machine the information leaks and by whom the information leaked.

-It enables each employee to intervene any computer from anywhere that s/he is entitled to in the company .

-With the help of equipment inventory tracking, all the company computers equipmental controls and follow-ups can be handled.


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