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Headquartered in Bethesda and founded in 2009, Kprise offers powerful, customizable & affordable Technology Solutions for Growth-Oriented enterprises - both businesses and nonprofits. We solve the most critical technology needs of organizations of all sizes and types. Be it enhancing your digital presence, mapping your buyer’s journey, or training stakeholders - we have your back.

Our flagship products like:

MyPass LMS

MyPass CRM

are coupled with our dedicated services like:

Website Development


Customer Service

to ensure that you get the best of industry-standard technology & talent without ever having to worry about managing them.

With us by your side, you can now effortlessly go beyond traditional & siloed tools such as emails, excel sheets, folders, drives, and paper-based information. We develop, customize and integrate products and services that meet your core technology needs as well as your unique customization requirements.

Our prominent clients include SBCA, Kappan, YFU, and American Board.

Partner with Kprise today and feel the difference.


MyPass LMS

About MyPass LMS

MyPass is a cloud-based and on-premises Learning Management System(LMS) that provides businesses of all sizes with training and certification tools. With its scalable and customizable design, MyPass LMS can handle the needs of any organization from large educational institutions to small non-profit organizations. MyPass LMS offers an engaged learning experience for students and employees with learning gamification tools, discussions forums and blogs, interactive exams and assessments, and more.

With it's engaging platform, MyPass LMS is able to provide gamification for learning with features such as experience points, badges, and a real-time leaderboard. This solution is able to integrate with third party applications and is able to extend functionality with MyPass CRM. MyPass LMS is also SCORM and Tin CAN API compliant, for communication across LMSs.

MyPass LMS is fully customizable with customizable application elements such as logos, color scheme, layout, and domains.

MyPass LMS is also able to provide in-app support with 24/7 live chat and phone support.

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