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Software Pursuits, Inc. (SPI) has been designing and delivering innovative software solutions for enterprise information systems since 1975. Its founders started with a passion for making complex computing tasks simple by creating software solutions that are flexible, easy-to-use, and reliable.

The SureSync Data Protection & Availability Suite provides the following:

File Synchronization & Replication: An enterprise grade file replication and synchronization application. Provides one-way and multi-way methods of synchronization. On demand, scheduled or real-time modes of operation. In real-time, an option to lock files open by other users is also provided allowing for multi-office performance optimized collaboration environments.

SQL Protection: Easy to use scheduled Microsoft SQL database backups including the ability to automatically restore to a standby SQL server instance.

Endpoint: Utilize the SureSync file replication and synchronization Rule set with remote mobile laptops or remote desktops. Anywhere there is an Internet connection, synchronize data with these machines.


Various reseller opportunities are available. Discount schedules vary depending on the commitment level of the interested reseller. Please contact us for further details.

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1900 S. Norfolk St, Suite 330, San Mateo, CA 94403

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