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Physna is the world's leading geometry-based search engine for 3D models in CAD and PLM. Physna's software has received awards, recognition and praise from various national and international publications such as Forbes and is trusted by leading companies and agencies in aerospace, automotive, medical devices, general industry and more. It is a key tool for product engineers and manufacturers alike, saving each customer an average of $37,440 per user per year.

Physna promotes part reuse by engineers, reducing engineering time by an average of 80%, and automates part manufacturability analysis for manufacturers. Physna can be used as a plugin for CAD and PLM software, and is also available as a standalone software solution. It works with all file types, allowing it to use its geometric search between file types and compare and contrast differences between models and versions.

Physna works like "auto-fill" in that it guesses what the engineer is designing and checks to see if similar or related parts are present in the company's database. This prevents engineers from having to redesign parts they already have. Physna is not reliant on meta-data and is uniquely able to search for any attribute or feature present in models in a user-friendly way.

Physna is available both as a cloud solution and on-prem. Setup is extremely easy, as Physna will either bulk analyse models in a system or sync with any PLM the user is utilizing.

Physna is a revolutionary technology that is designed by engineers for engineers. A short demo video is available here:


Physna works closely with its partners and resellers by providing a vast array of support, including free licenses, training, materials, marketing and more. We realize that if our resellers are successful, we are also successful.

Physna works with partners in a manner customized to each reseller. This allows Physna to work closely with resellers who prefer handling billing, customer support, etc. as well as those who prefer if Physna handles those matters. Regardless, Physna always provides direct support to any resellers whenever needed.

Discount / commission percentages are based largely on anticipated sales volume. The more sales revenue a reseller generates, the more support Physna provides and the higher the percentage kept by the reseller. Most resellers start by earning between 30% and 50% of the sales price, and can earn additional amounts through support and services.

More information is available upon request. Please reach out with any questions. We look forward to growing our sales and businesses together.

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