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The LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform

1. Design – Yesterdays intranet portals are replaced by the superior digital landscapes of today. LiveTiles Design enables organizations to build consumer grade user experiences on top of SharePoint, personalized to the needs of specific user groups. Importantly, disparate data sources can be unified into a single pane of glass, reducing the complexity of accessing relevant information, ultimately making your people more efficient. Build now with a comprehensive library of highly configurable tiles and respond rapidly to tomorrow’s changing business needs. Extensible via REST APIs and JavaScript. Powered by Microsoft Office 365.

2. Bots – Supplement the traditional portal experience and automate business processes with the emerging world of Chatbots – popular use cases include HR Onboarding, Personal Assistants and subject matter specific QnA. LiveTiles Bots allows you to create, customize and publish Chatbots to your portal, website or messaging applications including Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook Messenger. Importantly, language models can be updated without the time, cost and risk of custom development. Powered by Microsoft Azure.

3. Intelligence - Designing an intelligent workplace doesn’t have to be a risk. Use real time analytics to understand how users are engaging with your page and enhance their experience. LiveTiles Intelligence enables you to track your site usage and perform real-world testing on your intelligent workplace. These advanced analytics empower you to make informed UX decisions and deliver the best possible user experience for your teams. Powered by Microsoft Azure.

Our Understanding of What’s Important to You

1. Consistency of User Experience (Navigation / Branding) Across Sites – LiveTiles simply connects into your SharePoint IA e.g. Navigation settings. So if you maintain it centrally there, LiveTiles pages will respect it. From a branding perspective, as demonstrated, brand can be templated and locked down to ensure a consistent style across sites. No custom CSS is required for branding.

2. Avoid Time / Cost / Risk of Custom Development & IT Overhead – LiveTiles provides a comprehensive library of highly configurable “tiles” that you plug into your SharePoint and broader O365 architecture. Beautiful, functional pages can be produced through simple drag and drop with no requirement for code.

3. Personalization Features – LiveTiles provides numerous tiles that relate directly to the logged in user. These include but are not limited to “My Personal Links” tile which allows the user to create their own links which are recorded in the user profile, the “My Recent Documents” tile which lists out the user’s recently accessed files across O365 services and “My Mail” and “My Meetings” widgets.

4. Empowering Business to Own Sites – LiveTiles greatly simplifies not just basic SharePoint content admin like creating pages, editing and uploading documents etc. but also empowers Business Owners to act as designers where that may be appropriate e.g. in the Marketing team.

5. Ability to Extend e.g. UltiPro Widget – While the intention of IT is to avoid custom development, in a complex company it is generally the case that there will be some needs for integration into line of business systems e.g. UltiPro. LiveTiles offers comprehensive tooling for connecting to the UltiPro REST API service via AJAX and JavaScript.


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