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No matter the property or facility type, things need to be fixed, routine maintenance performed and special requests dealt with. From identifying and reporting issues, to managing work orders and teams working in the field, there are many time-consuming but necessary steps involved in completing maintenance and repair tasks.

While operating the management division of a boutique, commercial real estate development company, our founder experienced the daily challenges every property owner, manager and service provider faces. It was these common challenges that inspired a common solution.

Common Areas was created to simplify the complicated process of identifying, responding to and tracking property and facility maintenance and repair projects. We wanted to make an affordable solution that empowers everyone—from the field to the office—to work better together on any project, with any team, at any location.

Collaboration is at the heart of what makes Common Areas’ software different, so before a single line of code was written, we spent significant time listening to other property owners, managers and service providers to better understand their common issues.

The result is an interactive solution that makes it easy for everyone involved to organize, schedule, and track their teams and tasks online, so everyone knows exactly what’s getting done at each location in real-time.


Common Areas is looking for strategic partners who are experts in one or more of the areas of B2B sales, technical consultation and implementation. We compensate our partners based on industry standards of referrals, direct sales and implementation & training. We have a variety of products that serve a VERY large audience and we are especially looking for partners that have existing client relationships in place. Please contact us for further details to see if a partnership with Common Areas is the right fit for you and your organization.

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