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PacketViper is the only Advanced Perimeter Defense software that sits in front of the firewall and allows administrators to point & click on all key components of the IP including company, country, network space & port. This allows Network Administrators to create filtering logic and traffic rules that closely aligns network traffic with the needs of the organization. All of this can be done bi-directionally.

Whether on premise or in the cloud, PacketViper software provides an essential layer of network security complementary to, but unlike firewalls, SIEMS or other existing solutions. PacketViper makes other popular and essential network security solutions perform better.

Benefits of PacketViper

Improved overall security performance & reduced security costs

Optimize SIEM & improve firewall performance

Identify, filter & alert unknown threat sources

Up to 70% reduction in network traffic

Real-time threat intelligence based on your network activity

Protection from flooding and DDoS

Trap malicious sources with Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) TM

Troubleshooting with web and mail analyzers

Custom reporting, analytics & forensics tools

Control traffic rates based on country, company and/or network space


The PacketViper Partner Program:

Our recurring revenue model allows partner to receive a generous margin discount as well as the ability to take control of the sale process or engage in a "sell with" process with the PacketViper sales team.

There are no sales requirements to participate.

Sales and technical training are offered at no cost

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