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Indorse Services is an award-winning software vendor for Digital Transaction Management category that include digital signature, digital stamping, DMS, authentication, workflows, encryption and automation with patented features for Digital Endorsement and SECURE Administered Enrollment & Authorization.

Through our platform API, we enable existing applications to have digital signature capability that is compliant local market requirements and regulations. The Sign API does authentication for every signer before the signing process is completed. Implementing this API, will help your customer accelerate doing business and save costs by obtaining signatures from their customers and partners online in a secure way! This means no more printing nor physical paper delivery and archiving. Moreover, It’s legally defensible in courts worldwide.

Our product IndorseSign is an advanced digital business platform that has Alfresco ECM embedded. This means your customers will have DTM powered by a powerful Workflow & Content Automation (WCA) technology.

A big issue with electronic signatures is the risk of unauthorized signing. IndorseSign answers these two questions to ensure SAFE digital transformation for businesses:

- Is The eSigner Authorized To Sign as an Employee?

- How To Ensure Your Organization Approval on eSigned Documents?

Our difference:

- Digital Endorsement: Apply 4-Eyes principle before releasing documents to other parties.

- SECURE Administered Enrollment & Authorization: Control the use of company critical tools i.e. Signature, Stamp and Seal.

- Validate Authorization Chain on Signed Documents: Validation will answer if the signer is signing on behalf of his organization or him-self.


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+ 966 - 503659226

Zahran Business Center, Prince Sultan St. Suite 608 6th Floor tower B, P.O.Box 14737, Jeddah

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