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We've simplified security, delivering an award-winning advanced service tailored to mid-sized enterprise that protects high-risk assets from advanced cyber threats that technology alone can miss, 24x7. While founded in 2001, we launched our managed security service in 2008 and have experienced rapid operational and geographic growth ever since. The company is privately held.


Focus on Network Security areas in end user accounts. We do one thing and are interested in Reseller Partners who are looking to White Label or Partner in a Cyber Security practice. We do not compete in other areas of IT. We require no certifications or additional allocation of our partners resources. We Demo, Quote, Close, Install & Support our product line and for introduction to end user account base, our partners receive large commissions percentages and recurring revenue for lifetimes on contracts. Aligned with the largest global Disti for ease of onboarding.

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+ 1 - 7168706040

2 Penn Plaza New York, NY 10001

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