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Delta Tech is a Nepal based Software Development Company that aims to build simple and powerful software to solve business problems. Our innovative and user-friendly products can help you transform the way businesses work. Backed by talented IT professionals, and driven by strong commitment to solving existing business problems, we are moving forward to becoming a leader in the industry.

We are a member company of RK Golchha Group and Golchha Organization, which is one of the oldest and most esteemed businesses houses in Nepal. RK Golchha Group currently employs over 8,000 people across sectors like Jute and PP fabric manufacturing, agriculture, trading and IT.

Established in 2016, Delta Tech was previously a web and mobile app development company. Initially, we entered the tech business with a motive to become a top service-based technology company. After two years of continuous market research, we realized that many organizations are in great need of business software to enhance their productivity, performance, and ROI. We then transformed our business processes and started focusing on building our own products. We currently have different kinds of products, including DeltaSalesApp, Delta Inventory, Delta Lead2Sales, DeltaDesk that can revolutionize business productivity. are some of the products that can help you revitalize the business.

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