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About Us

SocialOptic is a UK-based software technology business (SME), delivering web-based

Software as a Service solutions to government and commercial customers both nationally

and globally. We have a proven track record of delivering collaborative solutions that

make efective use of technology and that ofer excellent value for money. SocialOptic is a

G-Cloud approved supplier and holds IASME and Cyber Essentials security


About SurveyOptic

SurveyOptic has been in use for over 5 years. It started as a solution to deliver highvolume

web-based questionnaires for data gathering, market research and customer

feedback, and has grown to include on-line assessment and reporting, with real-time

dashboards and data management, and is now a full data collaboration system. It

includes user-confgurable self-service portals, to reduce the burden of capturing and

sharing information.

• Software as a Service - no software installations or server management required.

• Highly customisable - providing a tailored experience and operation.

• Highly available - using a cloud-based architecture in UK data centres.

• Accessible to users via mobile, tablet and desktop web browsers.

About Milestone Planner

Milestone Planner is a Software as a Service (SaaS) planning and collaboration tool, focused on timelines, outcomes and actions. Developed and located in the UK, it has been used by businesses and government departments around the world for nearly a decade, to enable them to be more efficient and effective.

Milestone Planner is a simple and easy way to visually plan and co-ordinate work. Milestone Planner is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), providing project and portfolio management to track milestones, actions, goals or workstreams and responsibilities for one or many projects.

Invite a team, set milestones, assign actions, then track and update progress. Optionally, Milestone Planner can sync plans into a desktop calendar, and also provide RSS activity feeds. Milestone Planner has a RESTful API to enable integration with other systems, if required.

Milestone Planner can automatically generate weekly reports, and email a snapshot of plans to include in presentations, documents or emails. Milestone Planner allows you to instantly share plans in real-time, in a way that is secure and accessible from any device with a web browser.

• Secured with the highest level of Extended Verification digital certificate, and SSL encryption.  

• Hosted and centralized, keeping your plans in sync.

• Automatic back up, with full change history.

• Granular access control and permissions per project.

About DecisionEar

DecisionEar is a decision support system delivery as Software as a Service (SaaS). It delivers a collaborative, data-driven, web-based approach that enables rapid, collaborative, evidence-based decision making. DecisionEar allows users to define a responsibility matrix (RACI, RASCI, CAIRO, ARCI) for each decision, and assign decision making rights and roles, set assessment criteria and then invite decision makers to finalise the decision. DecisionEar is developed and hosted in the UK.

DecisionEar uses modern web technologies to provide a simple and intuitive interface that allows real-time collaboration with a visually rich interface.

Invite the team, define the options and set criteria.

Select a responsibility matrix, from one of a number of popular models, and assign roles and responsibilities. matrix actions, then track and update progress.

DecisionEar can automatically generate reports, and email reminders to decision makers. Once a decision is made, the relevant stakeholders are automatically notified. DecisionEar allows you to share decisions in real-time, in a way that is both secure and accessible.

Decision steps are logged and a full audit of the decision making process is available, with an archive kept of previous decisions.

• Secured with the highest level of Extended Verification digital certificate, and SSL encryption.

• Hosted and centralized, keeping data in sync and up to date.

• Automatic back up, with full change history.

• Granular access control and permissions per project.

DecisionEar has a RESTful API to enable integration with other systems, if required.


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