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Bilbeo is a SaaS Application that helps managers monitor and improve Business Performance by transforming simple metrics into an intuitive and intelligent Business Dashboard.

Our unique Statistics & Data Mining algorithms enable us to auto-populate a Business Dashboard and uncover the underlying Leading indicators that drive the business performance.


White Label Business Analytics for Software & SaaS Providers

Innovate and create new revenue streams by adding decision-maker focused reporting, dashboards and analytics into your SaaS or On-premise applications.

Why Software and SaaS Providers Love BILBEO?

1) Differentiation

Our unique algorithms and technology differentiate your product from the competition, so you win more business.

2) White Label

Complete White-Labeling. It’s your application, not ours.

3) Time-to-Market

Simple integration. The fastest way to deliver Tailor-made BI to your users on the cloud.

*Also because BI Projects with Classical BI Tools are too long to build, expensive, and almost never adopted by End Users.

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