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Sourcetoad's CORE engine reduces the cost of future software and app development by creating a single unified API from disparate systems and datasets. CORE can be deployed either on premises or in the cloud.

CORE is an API for APIs, consolidated, with one clean set of documentation for employees and partner access.

Finally make sense of that technical debt, and breath life into old systems. Unlock those profits promised by every previous technology investment with CORE's customizable middleware.

USE CASES are wide ranging. Deployed examples include: remote-controlled signage, IoT devices, and video players. Merging 12+ different APIs into a simple, unified API for use by out-of-house mobile developers. Analytics and reporting merged from myriad sources. Video on Demand (VoD) and streaming media.


Non-specific industries: businesses with too many disparate systems or data sets whom want to reduce the cost of developing custom applications

Existing modules for: hotels, hospitality, resorts, airports, stadiums, buildings and cruise ships with lots of signage

Custom modules: translate multiple APIs into one — what's your use case?

Hardware compatibility: you supply the boxes or iron, we'll provide the management, connections, interoperability and remote monitoring/control


CORE is open to custom partnership programs based on your industry or vertical. We'd like to create recurring revenue for you. Let's talk about your customer base and create a fit. Our channel partners all have a unique agreement with us — we value relationships.

Strings for us to pull:

- installations (us vs. you vs. client)

- on premises vs. cloud

- seat licenses

- yearly licenses

- node pricing (based on devices or APIs connected to the engine)

- managed vs. self-managed

- custom module development

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2901 W Busch Blvd #1018, Tampa, FL 33618

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