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HireAbility is a web service that converts resumes/CVs and job descriptions/vacancies into useful data for applicant tracking systems, job boards/career portals, HR Analytics, VMS/HRIS, staffing companies and recruiters. Candidates applying for a position send a resume/CV (in many different document formats) and most hiring companies then need the resume moved into a structured data base for future reference or matching with open positions. The technology has been developed over the past 16 years and given the uniqueness of each resume, makes them a subset of language processing - a high technical hurdle. We are the 'browse for your resume' button you might see on a job board or social network. We have 450 global clients, supporting over 35 languages and dialects in real-time. Batch conversions also available.


Custom revenue share depending on market conditions and competitive pricing analysis. Country exclusive relationships only with minimal revenue commitments.

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