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AI Helps is a company developer of management software for beauty salons, dance studios, yoga studios, fitness clubs, sports and recreation centers.

The company has more than 1,000 successfully completed projects of integrated automation of business processes at the enterprises of Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia.

We can't make Your life longer, but we can economize Your time. As well as we can't hire more people to Your company but our solutions allow Your company to make much more with the same number of employees.


Our affiliate program will allow you to:

-expand your existing business or start a new business with minimal upfront investment and a reliable partner

-gain a competitive advantage through a high quality product

-have access to proven corporate standards

-receive technical support and product training, as well as recommendations to improve marketing activities

-use a CRM system adapted to work with "AI Helps" products

-avoid difficulties related to the implementation and use of our product - we offer technical support from the central office for all of our users

organize your own dealer network

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+ 380 - 672142257

Ukraine, Kiev, Raisi Okipnoi str, 4

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