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neXfone provides all standard IP-PBX functions, plus fully integrated enhanced services, such as Receptionist, Conferencing, Voice, and Video. All setup and configuration is easily managed via a Web portal, enabling businesses with as few as two end users or as large as enterprises with thousands of employees distributed across the globe to quickly enable telecommunications services across almost any configuration imaginable.

Customers across the U.S. are already utilizing neXfone’s Hosted IP-PBX application, to address their needs based on their own mix of features and services.

Hosted IP-PBX is the answer for businesses that realize that premises-based PBX equipment is no longer required to meet and exceed the functionality, economics, and ease of operation that they require for their telecommunications services.

Why Hosted IP-PBX?

neXfone Hosted IP-PBX enables companies to minimize management headaches, and deliver a feature-rich solution to their employees and customers. The following chart contrasting the essential attributes in hosted PBX and IP-PBX environments shows the clear advantages of neXfone Hosted IP-PBX.

Serving the Converged Enterprise

neXfone’s industry-leading applications can be combined to address any enterprise configuration and user types and build a differentiated solution.

neXfone applications are decoupled from the underlying architecture, which means total freedom to evolve the infrastructure. For example, a customer can start with a standalone fixed network in their office and evolve to an integrated solution that could utilize a variety of access methods to end users

? Reliability- neXfone® is proven software that runs on reliable, NEBS compliant Geo-redundant server

? Scalability- Major functions run on separate servers, which provide unparalleled flexibility to grow the installed base by adding another server or upgrading an existing one

? Availability- Local and geographic redundancy provides zero downtime on upgrades and repairs


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