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HireHop is the leading equipment rental and asset management software. Being in the cloud means that any device with a web browser and internet connection is all that is required to access the system.

HireHop manages inventory, sales, purchases, diaries, scheduling, jobs, projects, maintenance, invoicing and more - everything necessary to streamline the day to day running of rental companies or businesses or any other company that need to keep track of their assets.

HireHop is also available in a multitude of languages, supports all world currencies and synchronises with the world’s most popular accounting software packages.

Furthermore, HireHop is customisable, allowing the easy creation of additional features as well as standard plugins (at an additional cost to the client).

HireHop is being used by some of the largest companies in the world in their sector, but also by small companies and every other size in between. It truly is a one size fits all, being the most powerful and easy to use equipment rental and asset management software in the world.

HireHop has a limited free version to entice users, and a monthly recurring subscription model based on the amount of user licenses the client requires.


Not only will the partners/reseller/agents be paid a percentage of the monthly subscription for all users in their region, they will also be able to retain 100% of subsequent revenue such as:

• Support - As HireHop only offers free UK English support, the partner/agent can charge for support in their own language/time zone. This support can be whatever the agent wants it to be, from just software support, to full IT support.

• Training - Users usually request training that can be charged at whatever rate the agent deems suitable, with all funds retained by the agent. HireHop will provide training free of charge to staff of the agent, as well as a free demonstration HireHop account.

• Hardware sales - To streamline asset management many users utilise barcodes, QR codes, etc. to track equipment, and therefore subsequent hardware is needed, such as barcode scanners and label printers. We tend to recommend Datalogic and Zebra as they are generally the most reliable, however they are also the most expensive. Some users also require touch screen POS terminals to use the HireHop POS interface for customer facing shop orders.

• Document creation - HireHop’s document engine uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, languages, familiar to all web designers. HireHop uses these technologies to create PDF documents on its servers. There are substantial revenue opportunities to be earned creating these documents, like quotes, invoices, etc. for users. This is not difficult and something any web designer or anybody with a basic web design knowledge can do.

• Plugins & Customisations - HireHop supports custom plugins to add additional functionality or even hide functionality from users. These are written in standard JavaScript and can either be written by the agent (thus retaining 100% of the fee), or the agent can ask HireHop to do this.

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