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Leverice is transforming the way teams communicate. We are pushing the boundaries of team communication, by creating an open extendable platform, with structured messaging and powerful business apps at the core.

What problems do you solve?

Traditional ways of working are shifting, and as we struggle to adapt to new norms, our ability to focus and complete meaningful work is hindered by the illusion of ‘busyness’, as well as the invasion of new technology that is adding to the noise rather than providing clarity.

Our always-on/instantly available mentality is enabled by constant notifications & distractions. We cannot focus on deep work. Information and app overload at work is an increasing cause of frustration for over 43% of employees.

An average worker jumps between apps up to 10 times every hour, which means that companies are losing up to 32 days of productive work per employee every year.

Surveys show that 66% of employees feel that using a single platform for all workplace communications would help them achieve better workflows, increase productivity and reduce the feeling of chaos at work.

How does Leverice solve them?

Leverice is a structured messaging platform with topic based channel tree. Find the right message, from right people in the right place, ready to respond when you are. Take back control, avoid distractions and improve productivity of your team.

Our vision is to build a single platform for SMEs. Pre-built configurable business apps for core functions within the platform itself, so no need to spend time, effort and money on external systems. Robust deep integrations available, so the platform scales with you.

Finally, Leverice is created by developers for developers. Open eco-system and App store concept for external developers to build apps that run on the platform, with all the heavy lifting done by Leverice.

What's the main goal of the platform?

Context aware intelligent messaging platform for team communication and business workflow.


The only free deep-threaded, structured messaging platform that unifies messaging, collaboration and business processes.

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