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Synatic is a modern data integration and automation platform that combines iPaaS, ESB, ETL and API Management into a simple yet powerful tool.

Connect any system, whether through API (SOAP or REST), ODBC, flat file or SDK, all through drag and drop simplicity. Synatic works with cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution stacks.

Synatic provides a holistic integration solution that delivers value with incredible speed. With simple to use tools coupled with enterprise grade features, Synatic cuts data integration, automation and analytics time and cost by up to 80%.


Synatic is a unified platform that enables your business to integrate and automate systems and services simply without sacrificing enterprise features and security. Our partner program allows you to get access to easy integration, whether you have your own solution and need to build out an ecosystem, or if you are a system integrator, or if you implement a solution and want your solution to implement more quickly.

Turn the dreaded demo question of "can you integrate to our current systems" into an answer of "yes we can at a reasonable price.

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