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Wayman helps you to manage all projects in your company in an efficient and effective way.

The system does not only improve the communication between co-workers but it also takes into account all the changes, controls the resources and precisely plans the execution schedule of each project.

The Wayman system includes the PDM module for product data management, which improves the cooperation between all teams in the project. This module makes it possible to store all engineering data and associated files in a centralized way. Thanks to the PDM module the time spent searching for the right data can be noticeably reduced.

The PDM module offers you the following features:

• easy file search and their multiple use

• automatic registration of file versions and revisions

• managing file approval

Wayman enables you to follow the costs and incomes in particular billing cycles. It also makes it possible to successfully execute plans and financial assumptions as well as optimize expenses. The system includes a wide information range on subcontractors, accounts, payment dates and other accounting data. It also foresees your company’s liquidity and informs you ahead of time about possible threats.

A design office like any other company needs effective and well organized administration. However, an efficient management system should take into account the specificity of your professional activities and focus on the particular needs within the design sector. And so Wayman does. Our system enables you to conduct a complex business analysis and to report all the relevant data. Wayman also offers the export and import of data between its own system and any external programs, for instance accounting ones.


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