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BuyerGenomics is a Predictive Marketing Database that is able to tell you who will spend on what, and when.

BuyerGenomics solves problems that stifle marketers ability to "see" and act on both opportunities and problems customer data can highlight when their data is not in a purpose specific marketing database with analytics capabilities.

BuyerGenomics Provides Marketers Unprecedented Speed, Dexterity, and Actionability.

BuyerGenomics is purpose specific --it is made exclusively for marketers and to create a marketing competitive advantage. Where "IT" databases store and "warehouse" data for many purposes and functions, BuyerGenomics is singularly focused. So it can fundamentally provide marketers with fast access to the right information, make it effortless to view an opportunity from many angles, and then make taking action on the target not only possible --but easy.

The nature of the opportunities BuyerGenomics uncovers are both those that seem intuitive, and those that require some data mining to expose them.

BuyerGenomics also simplifies the challenge of "leveraging data" with a simple to use interface, eliminating the necessary complexity of database optimization, querying, data enhancement and modeling from the marketing user experience.

BuyerGenomics was made for the vast majority of Marketers who come from a primarily creative or strategic background who have neither the ability, time or budget to work through the typical complexities of working with various types of data and creating value with it.

Instead, BuyerGenomics replaces data science and data processing with an easy to use marketing experience focused on the Customer.


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