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In today’s fast moving business environments, information and its management are critical to optimizing operational efficiencies, maximizing productivity, and ensuring prudent fiscal management. With the advent of the web’s relentless pressure to provide near instant response, environments must integrate mission critical applications, information management, and web-based content and communication.

Answering the call, Computhink is transforming business environments with an array of integrated solutions centered on their Enterprise Content Management system, Contentverse, alleviating overwhelming information input and related office document processes in a secure environment. For ease of use, this solution includes options for on-premise and/or cloud deployment, multiple user access options with named and concurrent licensing together with out of the box integrations for key operational applications. Access and interaction from any device PC, Laptop, Tablet or smart phone responds to the near-instant response demand. After the average two-week implementation period, customers experience accelerated proficiency with minimal impact to ongoing operations.

Computhink was founded in 1994 to address the emerging need to convert volumes of paper documents to digital and save them in an organized and accountable structure. Over the years, Computhink products have evolved with technology advancements and the growing needs of various markets. This is precisely why Computhink, through its worldwide network of partners, has now incorporated digital services from their marketing division, Marqana – to facilitate the need for this transformation into a universal business environment.

Contentverse is extremely flexible and solves business process challenges common to any operational environment. Documents of any format can be scanned, electronically saved, or generated by third party applications into Contentverse. Company web data can be imported into Contentverse from analytics sources, social media and blog posts, email blasts, cloud applications, and especially forms and documents on the company website itself. All of this data can then be easily searched and made accessible for collaboration. Access is dependent on security settings, providing complete control over what users can and cannot do.

Drag and drop features speed up the time spent building your knowledge base. Office documents, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, and electronic forms can be incorporated into new or existing files with ease. It even enables high speed production capture as part of your documentation processes. Contentverse enables auto indexing of key details, including web-based forms, storing of files in an intuitive digital file cabinet custom to your needs. The software allows retrieval of records quickly by a flexible set of search options. Contentverse supports automatic version control and date/time stamping, enabling auditing to select and separate out what is important.

Contentverse comes fully equipped with rules-based workflow, designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate everyday records processing and retention. Consider the productivity benefits an automated workflow provides: simply drag a report to a folder, and it’s automatically routed to appropriate individuals for edits, approvals, and digital signing. Whether a collaborative effort or a step-by-step approval process, Contentverse will make it happen. Documents can be secured, actioned, and archived for subsequent retrieval as needed. Marketing collateral such as white papers can be written, designed, approved, and disseminated all in a single workflow. f an integration does not exist for your specified software application, we can and will develop it with little or no additional cost.

Securing files in Contentverse is simple and ensures compliance with the stringent regulatory requirements found across the spectrum of industries and operational environments. History logs, audit trail files, and workflow evaluation reporting track all activity at the document and system level. Contentverse includes highly granular security and encrypts files during storage, ensuring your documents are kept out of the wrong hands while maintaining viability for auditing or litigation purposes. It even provides real time automated notifications of actions and optional digital signature solutions.

For over two decades, Computhink has and continues to develop and deliver market solutions to solve real life, document-centered challenges. Collecting and processing information is what Computhink does best, and they will always innovate with Contentverse and their integrated marketing services. Our Company will continue to evolve and grow our solution offerings around customer needs, governmental and industry regulatory requirements, and related technology developments.


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