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Process Street gives businesses freedom from tedious, outdated, and confusing process documents by using powerful automation. Create and customize streamlined checklists that incorporate text, images, video, conditional logic, approvals, integrations and more. Track your team¿s progress, automatically assign tasks and send reminders to move forms and procedures along with ease. Build strong processes that increase productivity, save money, and promote business growth.


Our Reseller Program is specifically designed for VARs, MSPs, SIs, Consultants and Technology Partners who can customise, integrate and implement Process Street for their clients. Depending on the size of the partnership, you can earn anywhere from 20%-30% of the subscription fees for the life of our relationship with your customer.

Benefits of the Reseller Program:

Recurring sales commissions: Our multi-tier Reseller Program lets you earn a minimum of 20% and up to 30% of all your customers’ sales for as long as they are a paying customer.

Priority support and a dedicated Partner Manager: You'll have your own dedicated partnership success manager to provide the information and support you’ll need.

Marketing and sales collateral: We will provide you with marketing and sales collateral (presentations, videos, banners, images etc.) and show you the best ways to leverage them.

Co-marketing Campaigns: We’ll collaborate with you on co-marketing activities like webinars, events, and email campaigns, to generate and nurture leads for your business.

Sales assistance: When we say we’re there for you, we mean it. If you need us, we’re more than happy to jump on demos or client calls to help you with the technical stuff and train you on best practices.

Free account for your team: You’ll get access to a Not for Resale (NFR) Process Street account with 5 users for 12 months. This account can be used for demos, proof of concept, internal testing, webinars etc.,

Partner portal with deal registration and deal tracking: We encourage our partners to register their active deals with us to make sure you get deal exclusivity. Using our partner portal, you can monitor your active clients, deals, revenue, and commission.

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