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We are a video technology company with the mentality of a pioneer, always trying to be a head of the market and constantly searching and developing new technology to make existing business processes more efficient, personal and fun.

Our mission:

To integrate video in the everyday work of HR/recruitment professionals

Our secret ingredients:

1) Interaction

We focus on creating interaction between candidates and recruitment professionals. This means the use of video should be two way traffic to make it as personal as possible.

2) Asynchronous

We focus specifically on asynchronous interaction. This means each party can record their questions and answers in their own time, making it as efficient as possible.

3) Integrated

We focus on your existing systems and processes. By creating an integrated asynchronous interaction it will become an everyday part of a workflow. Making it very easy to use.


Our technology is specifically developed to be fully (white-label) integrated into existing HR/recruitment software. This gives software vendors the possibility to easily create video solutions and offer them "as their own". This create a big competitive edge and makes it easy for the users of the software to start and implement into their existing processes (no third party contracts and the same first line support).

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