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MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory management and purchasing app focused on streamlining procurement, delivery and accounting. Our all-in-one restaurant management platform offers integrations with the most widely used, best-of-breed restaurant software (POS, accounting, food distributors). MarketMan helps control your back of the house operations, understands your restaurant data and provides actionable insights.

MarketMan was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in New York City

MarketMan serves over 5,000 customers in 55+ countries

MarketMan integrates with most POS systems, major food distributors and accounting systems

MarketMan primarily serves the restaurant industry but also supports specialty retail and grocery locations.

Restaurant Inventory Management Software:

MarketMan is your inventory manager in the cloud. Our restaurant inventory software keeps track of all the inventory movements and gives you real-time, accurate status and alerts. Gain More Control and Make Better Decisions!

Restaurant Purchasing Software and Order Management:

MarketMan purchasing is an easy to use restaurant purchasing software that saves time and money when it comes to placing orders. Chefs and managers can submit purchase orders, check statuses and manage vendors anytime, anywhere. When a delivery arrives, you can automatically reconcile and check items into storage.

Restaurant Vendor Payments:

Easily pay your vendor bills online. Streamline vendor payments for better inventory control and improved cash flow.

Recipe Costing Software:

Understand your restaurant’s true food cost with MarketMan’s recipe costing software.

Restaurant Management Software with Cookbook Feature:

Create consistency in your meals and take your staff training to the next level.


MarketMan’s strong channel network is made up of partners want to add value to their current customers and win the trust and business of new opportunities. Our program allows partners to learn the platform, earn commissions, and grow their business with MarketMan.

Program Overview

The MarketMan Partner Program is designed to recognize and reward our partners for the time and effort they make in selling the MarketMan platform. We work with partners to build healthy, profitable, and lasting business relationships. Our goal is to be a great partner and our program will continue to grow to support those efforts.

Rules of Engagement

We are looking to continue the success of our business globally through our partner network. We provide a partnership where you never have to worry about competing with us. Partners will work with MarketMan Partner Sales Team member who will be responsible for working with you through contracting and co-selling phase.

Necessary customer support will be handled by the MarketMan Customer Success Team and not by the partner sales. For non-mission critical issues, the Partner Sales or Support Team may reach out to their Partner Sales Team for assistance at which point the partner will relay the answer(s) back to the customer. The MarketMan Partner Sales Teams are willing and able to engage in lead sharing programs, but we require that a partner register these opportunities in our Opportunity Registration Program. Registration will entitle the partner to additional support and resources to help close the opportunity, as well as protect the opportunity from being registered under another partner. Under no circumstances will MarketMan work on a pre-registered opportunity without prior consent, or without the partner sales rep.

Demonstrating Coverage

Partners will work with their Partner Manager to define the markets and customers they would like to target. There are no limitations to the type of customer, size of customer or region they can sell to. You will define with your Partner Manager, how you will sell to and support the customers you target. NPS customer satisfaction scores and feedback will be measured to ensure customers are being well cared for.

MarketMan Partner Program Levels

The MarketMan Partner Program rewards two different levels of engagement with MarketMan: Referral and Reseller. Referral Partners earn the right to move up in the program by completing the requirements for the next level. By working with your Partner Manager, you will establish a path to allow you to move up and earn more benefits. New tier benefits go into effect upon program tier change approval by MarketMan. If a partner does not maintain the requirements of a level, they will be notified at the end of the year. Resellers not fully participating in the MarketMan Reseller Partner Program at the end of the year may be dropped down to the Referral level.

Partner Program Level Definitions

Referral Partner: MarketMan offers a referral program for smaller partners who do not wish to commit the necessary time or dedicated resources for a full partnership but see a chance to influence and recommend customers. Referral Partners will provide the referrals directly to MarketMan via the Opportunity Registration Program. Referral Partner Fee structures are detailed in the MarketMan Partner Agreement Referral Program Addendum.

Reseller: MarketMan Reseller partners have completed the requirements listed below including sales and technical certifications and are eligible to take advantage of the Reseller level program benefits including our best tier pricing. Only MarketMan Reseller partners will be eligible for Opportunity Registration or Market Development Funds. Reseller will have access to a Partner Sales Team to provide co-selling along with priority access to pre-sales support resources to help you close the opportunity.

MarketMan Partner Agreement

All partners are required to sign an either a MarketMan Referral or Reseller Partner Agreement to participate in the MarketMan Partner Program. Addendums may be issued when changes occur to pricing or other program changes are made. The MarketMan Partner Agreement along with this MarketMan Partner Program Guide documents the details and the elements of the MarketMan Partner Program.

Quarterly Business Plan and Annual Business Plan

Referral and Reseller Partners are highly encouraged to work with their MarketMan Partner Sales Team to complete and attend (virtual or in-person) a Quarterly Business Review (QBR). This QBR will be used to set a course to expand and grow our partnership. The review addresses joint goals, opportunities, customer targets, marketing activities, product roadmaps, training, and certification paths. Partners will work with their Partner Sales Team through the QBR process to update and refresh the Annual Business Plan throughout the year. An Annual Business Review is mandatory.

Sales Certification

MarketMan will provide Sales Training Certification courses. Partners will be required to have their sales professionals complete that training and pass tests as per the requirements for your program level

Technical Certification

MarketMan will also provide Technical Training Certification courses. Partners will be required to have their technical and support people complete the training and pass the tests as per the requirements for your program level.

Pipeline Reporting

Partners will work together with their MarketMan Partner Sales Team to identify customer opportunities for the purpose of providing the proper resources needed to close business. Partners will provide detailed pipeline reporting on a regular basis as required by MarketMan. All partner data will be kept strictly confidential.

Program Benefits

Once program requirements are met for each level, partners are entitled to the following benefits.


Partners will benefit from a pricing model based on partner program type. Pricing will be detailed in the MarketMan Partner Agreement Pricing Addendum.

Market Development Funds (MDF)

MarketMan will provide MDF based on opportunities for co-marketing with partners. MDF will be awarded to partners based on the merits of proposal request submitted. Partners will work with their Partner Sales Team to complete and submit the proposal. Once the partner gets pre-approval, they execute the activity. Partners will then be required to submit proof of performance on marketing spend along with ROI metrics. MarketMan, at its discretion, will match investment with the partner and fund up to 50% of approved eligible activities for partners. Partners will be reimbursed within 45 days of proof of execution.

Partner Marketing & Communications

MarketMan will provide marketing tools for partners to use. Newsletters and Announcements will be sent to partners to keep them informed and updated regarding MarketMan solutions, competitive landscape, market opportunities and success stories. MarketMan will leverage its brand and marketing efforts to generate leads in the U.S. market and outside the U.S.. These leads will be distributed to local or national partners.

Events and Conferences

MarketMan will attend multiple events annually and partners are encouraged to co-participate with us. Eligible partners may be able to use their available MDF funds for these events. MarketMan will also participate with partners in regional shows when the partner invites us. Approved partners can use MarketMan logos and MarketMan partner level logos to promote their business as per the MarketMan Brand Guide.

For any questions please refer to our website or our Partner Sales Team.

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With three months your customers will:

- Reduce ordering time by 50%

- Lower food costs by up to 5%

- Save 4+ hours organizing invoices

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