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Our goal is the successful implementation of our product suite while providing unparalleled service and support. We are the manufacturer of our software. We build it. We install it. We support it.

Finance teams should play a strategic role in the organization driving efficiency, fueling growth, and creating a competitive advantage.

Multiview brings your organization the most full-featured, advanced financial management solution available today. Its comprehensive capabilities reach beyond traditional solutions to include workflow and imaging, operational data alerts, reporting, and much more. The result? Multiview serves as a powerful engine to enable and support organizational growth. They benefit from meticulous accounting and real-time access to key data, as well as greater efficiency, smarter business decisions, and a competitive advantage. More importantly, they know they can turn to us for the personal, expert attention that ensures great results—from smooth, successful implementation to seamless upgrades or just superior customer service. We call it the Multiview Experience our complete commitment to your ongoing success. And as a CFO or Controller, you’ll find it makes a big difference.

Unique architecture and design

Our uniquely flexible architecture and open design lets you incorporate your business processes, plus your organizational and accounting structures into our applications, and enables remarkable visibility into your company’s performance.

Seamless data integration Multiview can accept detail data from any homegrown production system or 3rd-party application, enabling it to provide a 360° view of your organization. ViewSource360 makes it easy and straight-forward. It’s as simple as point-and-click and drag-and-drop.

High performance

State-of-the-art 64-bit technology throughout means Multiview’s .NET framework delivers blistering performance.

User-driven reporting and analytics

ViewPoint, our industry-leading reporting environment, allows unprecedented report creation, query, drill-down, and Business Intelligence analytics, and transparency. Plus, dynamic pivoting and data banding right out of the box.


Many of our clients started as small, local enterprises and grew with Multiview to become large, industry-leading organizations. No matter what your business, Multiview grows with your organization, adding new users and capabilities easily and seamlessly as you need them.


Multiview has entered into several strategic partnerships as an ERP solution that have proven to be fruitful for all parties. Over the past two plus decades Multiview has been extremely selective in extending partnership opportunities. We take great pride and care in all aspects of our client engagement with a particular emphasis on delivery and post go-live support.

Partners would get the benefits of Multiview's customer footprint, access to technology experts, development tools to assist in creating joint solutions through integrations, and access to a first-class sales and marketing team that will help position and promote your products.

Currently we support the following types of partnership models:

1. Healthcare Industry

a. Sales are managed by the partner. We are called in for demonstrations. All prospecting and sales process control lies with the partner

b. Delivery (Implementation) is coordinated with partner but all aspects are performed by Multiview Staff

c. Support is managed by Multiview

2. Long term Care Industry

a. Sales are managed by partner with some Multiview assistance as required. Sales control lies with the partner

b. Delivery is performed by the partner with our background assistance

c. Support is managed by Multiview

3. Single Family Office

a. Sales is managed by Multiview

b. Implementation is contracted to industry expert accounting firm

c. Support is managed by Multiview

It's important to note that Multiview is open to additional partner models, the above models are simply those that are currently in place.

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