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Intricare Technologies is the Legal Entity. SalesHandy is the core software product of the company. We have one more product in our Hall Of Fame, i.e GoKiosk - An enterprise mobile device kiosk LockDown Application.

SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool to make inside sales team around the world highly productive.

Companies use multiple tools to connect with their prospects. These tools generate valuable behavioral insights of the prospect, which is lost and generally not used. If these data are collected and analyzed, it can help sales team reduce sales cycle time, increase closure rate & ultimately revenue. SalesHandy is a tool which collects such behavioral insight and presents them in an actionable format.

We are one super dedicated, hard working team with a single focus on enhancing the productivity of sales people and helping them simplify the sales process.


We are looking for resellers for selling Gokiosk.

Offering 40% margins for an application.

PS Pricing: $12.99

Re-seller Price: $7.99

Margin: Minimum $5 / Licence

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302, Dynamic House, Opp. Child Care Hospital, Vijay Cross Road, Ahmedabad

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