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Quiver is a mobile messaging platform born from the premise that messaging must be improved to offer more relevance, value and impact, and less “SPAM” to the recipients. We created a powerful new platform that uses geo & time targeting to deliver more precise, relevant, and valuable mobile messages --> unlimited use-case possibilities versus direct-messaging.

The Quiver Enterprise Web Portal is a professional, intuitive, marketing campaign platform that allows the enterprise to develop, manage and execute marketing campaigns with ease, including 2-way mobile communication options. (We offer tiered subscriptions based on company size and needs.)

Quiver brings the social user and brands together in an non-intrusive manner (not spam, or ads).

To the Enterprise customer, Quiver is:

• The most effective Marketing Campaign software platform to allow your brand to engage your audience in unprecedented ways through mobile messaging. Just imagine the virality you can create through the "thrill of discovery", or the "thrill of the hunt" for your audience to find offers and messages from your brand!

To the Social Users, Quiver is:

• Mobile Messaging that’s on point, leveraging Geo & Time targeting capabilities for a new mobile messaging experience : "The right message. The right place. The right time."

• The best way to connect with the people and things you love. Choose the people and brands you follow, use it for social, discover stuff from your favourite brands, and never get another irrelevant message again.


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