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A new service for IT Service Providers to gain new sales and more satisfied customers!

We all know that workstations and applications have plenty of performance issues that cause problems, disrupt work and frustrate the customer. Customers expect IT Service Provider to ensure that all IT tools always run smoothly and without delay.

Applixure provides an instant, up-to-date view and tracking of your customers´ End User IT with prioritized list of issues – automatically.

We help our partners to stand out from the competitors, do more business and new sales. Customers are also happy and loyal when everything works better and when IT partner can show the quality of the service to customer in a professional way.


Applixure gives you real-time insight into your computer and application environment. Visualized data, easily accessible through a cloud dashboard, makes your IT transparent and measurable. You get prioritized list of issues in you IT environment. Instant, up-to-date view and tracking of your IT environment’s state. Easy. Automated.

In 1 minute or less you get:

1) An automatically prioritized list of issues, so you can fix them easily. For example, maybe a software is crashing or hanging frequently or someone has extra admin privileges or BitLocker turned off.

2) Clear scoring of your IT environment and benchmarks, so you know which area of your IT is creating problems and how the environment compares to others.

3) Certainty that when a fix was deployed, it actually worked. You won’t hear from users that a problem that was supposedly already fixed is still there.

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