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LEAST simplifies team collaboration.

It enables three things efficiently for teams:

1. Plan and organize any work contextually.

2. Have conversations within the context.

3. Track the progress evidently.

All condensed to a real-time single-page interface.

The superior possibilities are:

1. Be a zero email team internally - have everything communicated on LEAST.

2. Don't depend upon an external project and task management tool.

3. Don't use an external chat application.

4. Deliver work according to defined workflows to ensure quality.

LEAST is a beast of an enabler in an ultra-minimalist single page interface.

It's a new way to collaborate.

LEAST stands for:

Let ease and simplicity triumph


We are looking for Value Added Resellers across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Please do get in touch to discuss the benefits and requirements

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103, Souhithi Legacy Manor, Avenue 9, Kakatiya Hills, Hyderabad 500081, India

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