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D&T founded in Milano, Italy in 1999 by a group of Database Administrators in Oracle technology, D&T (Database & Technology) has strategically positioned itself - within IT - in the VLBD (Very Large Date Bases) and business intelligence sectors, with regard to databases ranging in different features - like Tuning, Procedural and Row Replication, Hot Stand By DataBase, Oracle Cluster/Rac, Oracle Names, Multithreaded Server, Oracle Grid, remote DBA - in some of these functions, the company has often been a precursor of their use in Italy. D&T has a big experience on PL/SQL, OWB, ODI, OBI and Oracle GoldenGate. To diversify D&T has expanded to other databases like SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Mysql, Cachè, Teradata, programming languages (C++, php, C, etc.), application servers, BI : Datastage, B.O., Pentaho.

In addition to consulting and training services, D&T has designed, developed and implemented a few products and services such as "Pandora" (e-learning platform and related educational content), "SeeCube", "m00nring" (systems for monitoring of information systems and industrial automation), OWB to ODI migration service and ODI11 to ODI12 migration service (business intelligence/data integration) as well as ALM for Oracle Data Integrator www.redbridgesoftware.com/products.html

Besides IT services, Database & Technology is the maker of StoneLess® a solution for those who use silos and wish to be able to know, any time and with precision, the quantity of materials contained in their silos. www.stoneless.it


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