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D’PROS (http://d-pro.biz/) d-pro.biz, the product division of Dicomano, founded in 2004 and holds 50 of the finest ABAP developers, is committed to the SAP customers community and offers a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art, innovative and high ROI SAP-complementary products. To list a few, D’PROS portfolio of solutions includes:

(http://d-pro.biz/portfolio/dplisher/) D'Plisher:

Publish any ALV report (both standard and locally developed) in any format via any media. (http://d-pro.biz/portfolio/dsox/) D'SOX Compliance Solution

End-to-end SOX solution for SAP sites that provides Preventive Detective controls.

(href="http://d-pro.biz/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/DRainbow-DS.pdf) D’Rainbow ALiV dynamically bridges the gap between SAP Excel. (http://d-pro.biz/portfolio/ondgo/)OnD'Go Approval: Zero client-installation mobile application, supporting offline approval of workflow tasks on any mobile device, secured.

Our products are all SAP-Certified and are successfully implemented in leading global organizations such as Checkpoint, TowerJazz, and Johnson Johnson.


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