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Arantek offers a complete marketing concept for POS resellers or other companies who want to make profit with

POS related solutions. Endusers are small to middle sized companies/entrepreneurs.

The product for customers of the reseller is a business solution to make life and entrepreneurship easier.

Please find a short overview of functionality on our website:

In each country Arantek applies one reseller for the market segments :

- Hospitality (cafe, bar, restaurant etc.)

- Retail (shops, dry-cleaning, bakery etc.)

- Wellness (hair dresser, massage etc.)

Arantek offers a reseller is a complete marketing solution with:

- Branding, create value and have your ownproduct name.

- Website - webshop

- Product with monthly based income

- Sales lead generation tools + marketing education

- Branded cloud education system for end users.

Please check for more info.


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Tolweg 11 - 4851 SJ Ulvenhout

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