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Emakin is a global enterprise which provides software solutions to leading companies from a great variety of sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Legal, HR and Operations. We aim to simplify business process and in the meantime improve our quality, create value through innovation and growth since the day we were founded with a creative, young and dynamic team located at the Amsterdam.


Emakin is interested in joining efforts with other parties to promote high quality solutions for software development and business process integration. Major responsibility of a reseller is direct sales of Emakin product by giving clients complete information about Emakin offer.

Benefits that you are gaining as partner-reseller are:

- Your website address will be published on Emakin corporate web site,

- Your get possibilities to grow and enhance partnership,

- Clients will get full technical support from Emakin,

- Potential clients will be directed to your company,

- If they contact Emakin looking for a local reseller in their country.

To become a partner, you should choose which Emakin products you are going to promote

and follow the appropriate steps to fulfill selected role.

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+ 31 - 0203331010

WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 1245 1077XX, Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel: +31(0)203331010

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