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Our Cloud Contact Center (CCC) is an advanced call center management system with more functionality than traditional hardware based contact centers at a fraction of the cost. Telax Cloud Contact Center leverages the “Cloud” model to deliver a customizable and easy to use call center solution that includes ACD, IVR, WFM, CTI, reports, recordings, remote agents, and much more.

Trusted customer relationships are key to elevating contact centers to strategic assets. Whether routing calls to the last agent that generated a positive outcome or the most skilled agent overall, enabling customers to reach the best agent right away is paramount to building trusted relationships. With features such as Enhanced Call Flow, Workflow Scripting, and Contact Routing, you will be able to provide a consistent, positive customer experience every time


Telax is committed to our partners having the freedom to sell, build, and support their own customers. With the software only program you will be trained and certified in all aspects of reselling and supporting the Cloud Contact Center.

You will be able to identify potential CCC prospects, open the conversation with them, demo the product, and close the sale.

You will be able to build your own demo accounts when you need them, and you can focus demo accounts on a particular customer’s requirements.

You will be able to engage a new CCC customer and determine their call flow design needs, build that call flow, and deploy it.

You will be able to train your end customers on how to use both the Administrator portal and the Agent software.

You will be able to provide all Tier 1 support to your end customers, keeping communication clear and you as the single point of contact for your end customers.

Telax will always be there to support you and your customers. You will have a dedicated team dubbed your ‘A-Team’ (which we will talk more about later in this package) to contact for all Tier 2 support needs, to help answer complicated or custom questions and requests, and to assist with general customer management. We will help you manage projects for client implementations that require WFM, custom integrations, data dips, and other advanced contact center features. We will also provide support on important sales opportunities that may require feature demonstrations or RFP answers. To demo optional features yourself, contact your A-Team to discuss training and building those features. Depending on the requirements, professional services might be required to meet the objectives.

What you, as a primary provider, will be able to provide for your customers

As a primary provider, you and your team of SMEs will be knowledgeable enough to sell Cloud Contact Center software, offer Tier 1 support to your customers, implement new customers, and manage change requests. You will also have access to Telax Tier 2 support and A-Team advice when required. We at Telax will ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of being the primary provider for your customers.

Hosted Contact Center Sales

• Be the team with the info –identify when a customer is looking for a contact center and enter into conversations without having to rely on outside assistance.

• Be knowledgeable on product and feature set.

• Help with common conversation points using the tools you are given.

• Your sales engineers will provide robust demos for persons looking to move into the hosted contact center feature set and tools.

• For major accounts and prospects interested in specialized features or a services plus model, Telax is always available to assist with the sales meetings and demos.

Tier 1 Support

• Keep lines of communication clear for your customers.

• Single point of contact for customers.

• Maintain your support model for all

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