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Interbiz Solutions LLP. is a leader in providing solutions across the gamut of HRMS spectrum. Our products have been consistently serving HR needs effectively for over 10 years. Over 600 clients across top 20 industry verticals have been using our products to address their critical HRMS applications.

Our focus and strength has been single point data entry that flows through our entire suite of applications thus ensuring integrity of data, reduction of paperwork and reduction in time spent on day to day HR processes to help you focus on your core needs.


You can be a Business or an Individual with some background in selling IT software in any segment.

We are all in business to make a living, and hopefully enough to give us a good standard of living. This is why we are happy to provide the products to resellers, a simple to use administration tools, and of course all the support you need as a reseller.

We also offer a decent split on our list prices (you can of course add whatever mark up you wish to your client) including renewals, upgrades and any future purchases or products your client buys.

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