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Seventhsense is a niche IT Solutions Company providing end-to-end ERP to Food Industry. Founded by hands-on Industry Leaders who were in Senior Position with Global Leaders of the Food Industry, Seventhsense developed and implemented Core Operational Modules for the Food Industry in the Year 2003.

Over the years, the product has been enriched with many features to handle all possible scenarios. During this period additional modules were developed and the solution was ready as an end-to-end ERP for the Food Industry in the year 2007.

It was a proud moment for us when our Solution was selected from among 18 Competitors by one of Top 5 Global Auditing firm who were Advisors and Responsible for the International Open Tender Process for a leading billion Qatari Rial Food Services Company in Qatar. The icing was that Competitors positioned Generic ERP solution but our solution was chosen as it was Industry Specific and was designed to meet the exact Operational Requirements of the Industry.

We have come a long way since our first end-to-end ERP implementation in the year 2008. Since 2008, our Solution foot print has covered 2 of top 4 Global Food Management Companies, Leading Airline Catering Company having multi-country and multi-airport operations, Leading Restaurant Chains, Contract and Remote Site Catering Companies, etc. among many of our implementations.

Today, we are in an enviable position as a leading IT Solution Provider for all types of Food Industry with specific solution for each type. Our System supports customers who handle 3.4 millions meals per day.

We are passionate, right-sized and lean structured. Our Solution road-map is guided by CoE (Center of Excellence) comprising of Industrial Leaders and highly experienced Technology experts. We continually invest and plough back our earnings on CoE to bring the best of breed solutions to Food Industry


Seventhsense Technologies, Leaders in Food Industry IT Solution is looking for RESELLERS for its Food Industry Specific

e10 ERP!!

Solution designed by Industry Experts who were in Leadership Positions in Global Leaders in Food Industry and Matured over 10+ Years.

We understand there are uniqueness’ for each Food Business type although there appears a commonality on the surface - Single Solution for ALL Food Business types cannot be effective. We have unique solutions specifically designed for Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Contract/Industry Catering, Airline Catering, Food on-board, Event Catering and Food Processing.

Each of the Solutions is comprehensive and addresses the Key Pain Points of the Industry! Solutions had helped Users in bringing efficiency in Procurement, Operations and Billing.

Product already in Use with leading Global Contract Catering players, Airline Caterers, Restaurant Chains, among others.

e10 supports Customers to Process 3.4 Million+ Meals Per Day in 2000+ Locations with 22,000+ Users in 30 Countries covering the geographical areas of Asia, Africa & Europe

If you are doing business with Food Industry or Selling IT Solutions please contact us!!

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